STRSE’s 9 year old Vader’s before and after pics! Sweet boy is requesting some cheese with his Whine. He's still milking his recovery from dental and growth removal.

Vader A


6 year old JR Ewing’s before and after pics. His personality is just as beautiful !! Isn't he adorable!

JR Ewing


STRSE and the Diamond Nine Scots would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of you who rallied together in support of this rescue and the welfare of our Scotties in need. We are so grateful for the many donations, prayers, kind words and encouragement. Many of you have donated toward the medical care of the Diamond Nine. Dr. McCurry and the Heartland Staff are phenomenal. We could never do what we do without all of you and our valued volunteers. STRSE is very blessed to be so loved, trusted and supported by many.

This has been a really hard few months to say the least but also a very humbling time knowing that we are so supported by our Scottie Family near and far. Thank you just doesn’t seem adequate for this outpouring of love. I hope you all always know just how very much you are appreciated and loved. Look at the faces of the lives that you are changing every day.

Thank you so much Scottie Family. dog paw printsdog paw prints


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Scottie with sunglasses



SUMMER SPOTLIGHT: Scarlet (Dog A) & Annabelle (Dog B)


STRSE traveled to North Carolina checking in on Scarlet, now "Raygn" and Annabelle, now "Bella" (the puppy mill girls). These two are having so much fun and loving their new lives. Here is what they had to say...





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First - Raygan


STRSE: Raygn, thanks for sitting down with us. We are interested in what you have been up to. Do you mind if we ask you a few questions? 

Raygn: Happy to chat, away. 


STRSE: Great, let’s start with your favorite place to sleep.

Raygn:  I sleep right next to my mom every night. I love putting my head on the fluffy pillows and dreaming of squirrels. 


STRSE: What are your favorite hobbies? 

Raygn:  Well, since it’s my job to watch over my mom, I follow her everywhere. I make sure she is safe, so I don’t really have time for hobbies. Being the Sergeant of the family, it’s a big responsibility and I take it very seriously. Sergeant Raygn, reporting for duty, daily! Ruff!


STRSE: What are some funny things that you make your family members do?

Raygn:  Mom is a professional canine masseuse and I request “private sessions” all the time. On occasion, I allow her to book other clients, but I dominate her schedule.


STRSE: Who is your favorite person in your family?

Raygn: Mom! She is my best friend. 


STRSE: Do you have any siblings?

Raygn: I do, I have a Yorkie brother but it’s a secret how much I like him.


STRSE: Do you have a favorite toy?

Raygn: Hmm, my humans! Despite all of the toys I have, I like to use mom as a toy. It works out great for me.


STRSE: Do you travel with the family on any excursions?

Raygn: I go everywhere. Mom and I are on an adventure almost daily. 


STRSE: Anything else you want to tell us?

Raygn: I am so happy and I want to thank all STRSE supporters! Your mission, "No Scottie left behind," is truly embedded in each one of them.


STRSE: Thank you for your time, Raygn. We are glad to hear that you are loving life.

Raygn: Great chatting with you, Lisa. Follow-up if you need anything. As you can see I am in the middle of this bone. Ruff!


Second Bella




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We raised over $2500.....AROOOOO!


We are grateful for your support and could not sustain our mission without your generosity. You allowed STRSE to provide high-quality care to Fergus, Sammy and Jasmine, ensuring no Scottie is left behind.




























































STRSE: We just met with Raygn and she is doing great! We want to ask you the same questions we asked her, if you don't mind?

Bella: I am so glad, love her! Happy to answer any questions, Lisa but you'll need to hurry, I am in the middle of playing.


STRSE: We can run through these quickly. I know how important play time is. Lets start with your favorite place to sleep?

Bella: I have this amazing red and black plaid bed. It’s so fancy. 


STRSE: What are your favorite hobbies? 

Bella:  Oh, gosh where do I begin?! I love chasing balls and wrestling with my fur-sister. Oh, and running at top speed then sliding down the hallway, have you ever tried that? If you haven’t, you must! Um, I chase frogs and I eat…yea, snacks are my favorite. Oh wait, and napping, love napping. Yup, that’s about it! 


STRSE: What are some funny things that you make your family members do?

Bella: Hmm, I wake up every morning at 6:30 am to make sure mom is up. I know she appreciates it. I also like to practice yoga, downward dog is my favorite position. I try to get mom to yoga-out with me.


STRSE: Do you have any siblings?

Bella: I do! I have a Scottie sister, Becks. Becks, say "hi!"


STRSE: Who is your favorite person in your family?

Bella: Mom! She is my best friend. Oh, and Becks my fur-sister, she is cool.


STRSE: Do you have a favorite toy?

Bella: Yup! I love loud toys. If its sounds like a pig or a duck, I go crazy. I can’t help myself. Oh, and balls...lots of balls!


STRSE: Do you travel with the family on any excursions?

Bella: I am chauffeured around town a lot. I like to stay local.


STRSE: Anything else you would like to say?

Bella: Just a huge shout-out to STRSE for saving my life. I am the luckiest girl and love my family. Ruff!


STRSE: Thanks, Bella. We love to hear you are doing so well.

Bella: No problem, gotta go! want to dig a hole while mom talks to STRSE? 



Posted September 12, 2018

Tipperary, is supervising the painters as they paint the fence at her Charleston SC home. She says they missed a couple of spots!





Posted September 12, 2018

9 year old Sammy was given a clean bill of health right away by our favorite vet, Dr Eric McCurry. This little Scottie mix was originally rescued by a family who wanted to give him a better life than being on a chain. Sammy was living outside in the blazing SC sun with no shelter other than a metal storage area. Unfortunately Sammy wasn’t crazy about his new family’s resident cat, so they did the next best thing for him and contacted STRSE. We think Sammy is a mix of Scottie and Schnauzer. He’s an excellent swimmer and can climb a chain link fence like it’s nothing. He is a total sweetheart and walks very nicely on leash. Sammy was looking for a home with someone who  had a wooden privacy fence or a home where he would be leash walked only. He requested a pool and we REALLY wanted to accommodate him!  July 23 2017 was Sammy’s BIG dream come true day!! Our little Scottie mix was adopted by a wonderful new Mom and Scottie sister, Blair. We were absolutely thrilled and VERY happy to report that this Sweet boyo did indeed get a forever home with a swimming pool!!

Happy Tails little dude!! Enjoy your days lounging in and around your very own pool with a family who will love you always!








Fergus-Forever hospice foster; Lives for chasing squirrels with Sheriff Bogie Mann

Total medical bills: $4,134

Exams/Tests: Blood work, de-wormer, x-rays, echo-cardiogram, ultrasound, GI panel, dental work, colonoscopy and growth removal.

Diagnosis: Adno-Carcinoma (colon)

Treatment: Fresh food diet, supplements and lots of love.


Jasmine-Adopted and finally living the life at 13 years old

Total medical bills: $1,072

Exams/Tests: Biopsy of two mammary tumors, fecal, heart-worm, vaccines and micro-chipped.

Diagnosis: Cancerous tumors

Treatment: Weekly B-12 injections and daily romps in the NC mountains with her Scottie sisters, Dottie & Clara and her Scottie brother, Watson.


Sammy-Adopted within 6 days at the feisty age of 9

Total medical bills: $79.00

Exams/Tests: Fecal and heart-worm

Diagnosis: Ready for his new forever family.

Treatment: Swimming in his new pool and playing with his new Scottie sister, Blair.


From the bottom of our little Scottie hearts....

Thank You




Posted September 14, 2018

2 year old brindle boy, Bryn is a wonderful example of rescues working together for the best interest of the dogs. This beauty was in rescue with another group who felt he would find his 5 star forever home a little easier in breed specific rescue. Scotties are WONDERFUL dogs, but they aren’t everyones cup of tea.

Bryn has had a long but fun filled day today. Traveling from NC to SC this morning. Having an afternoon spa day and photo shoot, then playing with the one and only Bogie Mann and friends in his foster home. He should sleep very peacefully tonight. 

Welcome to STRSE sweet boy! We are happy to have you!!

Bryn was adopted by the perfect family on July 10 2018.

Bryn 01




Posted September 14, 2018

heavy-black-heart_2764Sophieheavy-black-heart_2764 is enjoying her newfound life with her forever family in NC. She says that THIS is the life that every dog should live! No more living outside having a bunch of pesky puppies! Princess status looks much better on this girl than being a mama! two-hearts_02  crown_01

This is why we do what we do! Adopted on April 21 2018.

Sophie 01



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